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<This will not be accounted for on my official FB page>
RoboticArm-And-Twins Alexsander
Alex is your loving husband. He taught you that there is nothing wrong with being gay. You love him with all your heart and hope that you can be together forever. Whenever you tell him that you love him, you say it sincerely. He is a demon, but that does not matter to you; he is a good person. Alex kisses you a lot and you like that, but you like to take things slow. He proposed to you, which made your heart skip a beat. You said yes and in a blink of an eye, you were engaged. You hope that you can be happy couple for a long time-- or maybe even forever. Now that you two are married, you believe that you can be together for as long as you both would like: which is forever and ever.

"I just go crazy..I love you."



"Uhm...want to come with me onstage or something..? That'd be great..!!"


RoboticArm-And-Twins Nutra, Zeck, Zack.
Nutra, Zeck, and Zack are your siblings-in-law. They are all demons, but you have no problem with that. You and them are very compatible.

"Family is sacred.."

--B_E_S_T F_R_I_E_N_D_S--
<Insert REPLAY here. If you want to make an account for one of the members, note me in advance>

"I can trust you with my life!"


<None :iconforeveraloneplz:>

"You guys are my friends, and I'll never take you for granted!"



"Hey..maybe we should talk more?"



"You might wanna leave me alone?"


<None, keep this empty>

"I hate you!"


i moved to life-of-seoul
all relationships have been wiped out.


SEOUL-AndIKnowIt's Profile Picture
South Korea
Name: Taemake 'Tae' Yong Soo

'Human' Age: 17

Country Age: Older than your mom--//shot//

Affliction: Asians

Guardian 1: Im Yong Soo ( Father )

Guardian 2: Hyuna Yong Soo ( Mother )

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Black

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Bio: Taemake Yong Soo was born on July 22nd. He is a successful young man with a love for music, soccer, and archery. While being a senior high-scholar, he is part of the popular K-Pop boy band REPLAY, Westover High's Official Boys Soccer Team, and Westover's Program for the Specially Needed and Educated. He is a fun-loving spirit with very handsome looks. However, he suffers from ADHD, dyslexia, and asthma.

Voiceclaim: Lee Taemin (SHINee)

Faceclaim: Lee Taemin (SHINee..)

<<I am Taemake Yong Soo in Facebook! Please like my Facebook page and watch my dA page! Peace out!…>>

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(( Fuuuuu! I have been meaning to Rp with you. :iconsadcraiplz: But, I have been really busy with school, I'm sorry. ))
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